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Week starting Jan 06, 2008

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Saint George,UT,United States

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May 21, 2007



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

15:28 5K, 31:25 10K, 1:07:11 Half-Marathon, 2:21:45 Marathon, 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials - DNF = bummer!, 50k - 3:59:03, 50 mile - 7:56:00

Short-Term Running Goals:

Sub 1:10 half by the summer.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Enjoy running and fight off heart disease or diabetes that has been passed on for many generations. Try and break the cycle.


I am currently 37 years old. I have a 9 year old girl, Norah, a 7 year old boy, Oliver, and a 4 year old girl, Myla, who are wonderful. I am a SPED Teacher at Desert Hills High School in St. George, Utah. I also coach the cross country and track teams at Desert Hills High.

Miles:This week: 10.15 Month: 201.90 Year: 201.90
Saucony Type A (2) Lifetime Miles: 63.00
Hoka Bondi Red Lifetime Miles: 67.50
Brooks GT-2000 Trail Lifetime Miles: 179.25
Hoka Cavu Lifetime Miles: 147.25
Adidas Boston Lifetime Miles: 129.35
Brooks Launch Gray Lifetime Miles: 320.30
Brooks Launch 6 Newer Lifetime Miles: 136.80
Hoka Rincon Lifetime Miles: 143.75
Total Distance
Total Distance

8.10 miles in the morning.

12.10 miles in the afternoon.

The legs were feeling good this morning so I kept it nice and relaxed.  The weather is really cold with all of the new snow.  Need to have a good week and then slightly taper for the half next week.  I ran 6.05 miles with the track team.  We kept the pace honest and did 3x2:00 pickups.  I pushed the top runners right at 5:00/mile pace or just under.  I think the team is buying in to my idea of pushing themselves a little more to make themselves better.  I got home and ran another 6.05 on the treadmill just before the BCS game.  I did this at 6:40/mile pace overall.  The game was a joke at halftime so I ended up reading a bit of my book and going to bed.  

Total Distance

8 miles in the morning.

12 miles in the evening.

I woke a touch late today so I had to push the pace slightly.  I did the 8 miles at 6:49/mile overall.  I will have the same running schedule for the next little while due to coaching track.  I did 5.5 miles with the track team this afternoon.  Both the boys and girls pushed the pace today which made me happy.  Some of the slower runners are getting faster.  We averaged right around 7:30/mile overall.  I got home and did a half a mile warmup on the treadmill and then bumped up the pace to 5:30/mile for the next 5 miles and then finished with 1 mile at 5:21/mile pace.  I will slowly work up and increase my speed workouts over the next little bit.   

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Total Distance

8.05 miles in the morning.

12.10 miles in the evening.

The legs were feeling good after yesterday's runs.  I kept the pace nice and easy this morning.  Track practice was cancelled due to all of the snow.  I got home finally and had to shovel for about an hour and a half just to get in my driveway!  I had about 2 feet of snow on the ground at the house.  I was mad at the snow because I can so I hopped on the treadmill and did 12.10 miles at 6:54/mile pace overall while watching Karate Kid.  Bonzai!!!!  I then went back outside and shoveled more snow for half an hour.  Fun stuff!

Total Distance

8 miles in the morning.

12.10 miles in the afternoon.

Another 8 miles in the morning.  I had to stop and take a PB but I survived and was able to finish my run.  I ran an easy 6 miles with the track team today.  We got splashed by a couple cars with snow.  It was fun discussing with them about how crazy runners are.  We are quite the crazy bunch.  I did another ab circuit with them and then came home to hit some faster miles.  I did a half mile warmup and then bumped the speed up to 5:30 pace for half a mile and then did 5+ miles at 5:21/mile.  It feels good to really get the legs moving.  I am getting excited for the race next week.

Total Distance

8.10 miles in the morning.

12 miles in the afternoon.

I got to bed early last night and ended up waking up at 2:00 AM.  I tried going to sleep but I couldn't.  I thought about running and then fell asleep quickly.  I guess sleep won out this time.  I did my nice and easy 8 miles this morning.  Nothing to exciting.  The track team was doing hall tag in the school so I went out for a 6 mile run before I needed to be back in order for them to use the weight room.  It took me just under 40 minutes.  I came home and did another easy 6 miles at 6:49/mile pace overall.

Total Distance

What a crazy day!  I woke up and was planning my long run but Katey's parents called and were coming down for breakfast.  They were going to take us out too Jeremiah's.  I had to cut the run short so I did one mile warm up and then hit 7 miles right around 5:20/mile pace and then finished up with just over 2 miles for the cooldown.  We went and at breakfast which was yummy.  Great pancakes and cheap prices.  They actually have a marathoner's breakfast!  It is pancakes with fresh fruit on top.  They will continue to get my business.  Katey and I then ran some errands around town.  We went and picked up tickets for "Spirit of the Marathon" movie for the 24th.  I asked the lady if they had any tickets left and she said that they have plenty.  213 to be exact!  We as runners need to really support this.  If anyone wants me to go and get tickets, let me know.  We should try and fill the place up.  It is at the Tinseltown theatres in Ogden.  I hurried home and did another 6 miles at 6:40/mile pace overall. 

I had to hurry because I went and talked with Paul Pilkington (four time Olympic Marathon trials qualifer, former world marathon champion, and current cross country coach at Weber State) at his house.  I got his number from one of his post collegiate athletes that he coaches.  We talked for over an hour about my current training and what my goals are for here in the near future.  He gave me a lot of great advise and I think I am going to have him start coaching me.  He is excited and I do my first workout with him on Monday night up on the indoor track at Weber State.  I haven't had a real coach before but I guess having him be my first can't hurt!  The guy knows his stuff.

I didn't get my long run in today but the 7 miles at marathon pace were a good push so I was happy with that.  Also, I was stoked to hit 116 miles with some good marathon pace miles thrown in there throughout the week.  The body is feeling good so I consider myself blessed right now to really be able to have some solid training.

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