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June 2015

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St. George,Ut,USA

Member Since:

May 21, 2007



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

15:28 5K, 31:25 10K, 1:07:11 Half-Marathon, 2:21:45 Marathon, 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials - DNF = bummer!, 50k - 3:59:03, 50 mile - 7:56:00

Short-Term Running Goals:

Sub 1:10 half by the summer.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Enjoy running and fight off heart disease or diabetes that has been passed on for many generations. Try and break the cycle.


I am currently 36 years old and married to my beautiful wife, Katey. We have a 8 year old girl, Norah, a 6 year old boy, Oliver, and a 2 year old girl, Myla, who are wonderful. I am a Learning Coach and Student Council Advisor at Desert Hills High in St. George, Utah. I also coach the cross country and track teams at Desert Hills High.

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 28.00 Year: 1664.95
Baby Jogger Lifetime Miles: 145.50
Brooks Cascadia Lifetime Miles: 292.85
Saucony Type A (2) Lifetime Miles: 63.00
Asics Super Js Lifetime Miles: 159.65
Nike Pegasus 31 Lifetime Miles: 406.90
Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Lifetime Miles: 625.70
New Balance 110s Lifetime Miles: 125.45
Hoka Clifton (Blue) Lifetime Miles: 579.10
Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Lifetime Miles: 381.30
Hoka Challenger Lifetime Miles: 336.25
Nike Pegasus (Water Resistant) Lifetime Miles: 662.90
Saucony Ride Lifetime Miles: 660.05
Adidas Boston Lifetime Miles: 183.35
Asics DS Trainer 20 Lifetime Miles: 191.20
Hoka Clifton (Gray) Lifetime Miles: 554.80
Brooks Launch (Blue) Lifetime Miles: 321.05
Brooks Launch (Red) Lifetime Miles: 282.45
Brooks Launch (Blue 2) Lifetime Miles: 404.75
Brooks Launch (New) Blue Lifetime Miles: 234.55
Hoka Clifton (Blue) Lifetime Miles: 180.10
Hoka Clifton Gray Lifetime Miles: 441.65
Hoka Clifton (Black) Lifetime Miles: 217.00
Brooks Launch (Green) Lifetime Miles: 272.60
Hoka Bondi Red Lifetime Miles: 67.50
Hoka Clifton Black (2) Lifetime Miles: 71.50
Total Distance
Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 100.15Hoka Clifton (Blue) Miles: 47.65Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 90.20Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 106.95Hoka Challenger Miles: 5.75
Total Distance

Ran 10 miles total this morning to start the week of on the right note. First day of XC and it was good. Lots of kids out and it looks to be like another exciting year. Pretty excited to see how it all works out.

4.5 miles this evening running the back way to Unity Park. Had a nice picnic with the family at the splash pad.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 10.00Hoka Clifton (Blue) Miles: 4.50
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Total Distance

10.5 miles total this morning. Ran a little before practice and then with the girls towards Little Valley. Another easy 3 after practice over to Hidden Valley Park. It is getting warm.

Hoka Clifton (Blue) Miles: 10.50
Total Distance

10.75 miles total this morning. 2 before practice, 5.75 with the boys around Webb Hill and then 3 more after practice with Kale to the Spectrum and back. These summer mornings are amazing. Absolutely love them!

5.15 miles pushing the kiddos in the jogging stroller this afternoon for #nationalrunningday. Tough pushing 80 pounds around that long. Glad Norah got out and ran some of it with me.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 15.90
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Total Distance

8 miles total this morning. Slept in a bit so I tacked on a few more after practice. Lots of positives from this week.

5 more miles this afternoon. Ran from the house and met the family up on the Toe Trail right along the base of Red Mountain. Oliver wanted to ride his bike home while I ran back. He is an animal on that Strider bike. Really been fun getting out with the kids while they ride their bike.

Hoka Clifton (Blue) Miles: 13.00
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Total Distance

Did a little before practice and then 4 more with the girls. I am very optimistic with how the girls can do this year. Probably the best grouping of a girls group this early in the year. Very young group but hard working. Fun to see some of the newer girls stepping up. 2 more miles when I got home with Norah and Oliver rode their bikes over to Unity Park. They are animals. 8.5 total miles.

Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 8.50
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Total Distance

Met up with Steve and the running club at Man-o-War for the run. Felt really muggy and humid from the start and the amount of sweat on my shirt and shorts was a great indicator. Ran along the River Trail to the fields over to Little Valley and then back along the River Trail. Pushed the last little bit again and ended up with 6:49/mile. Felt good and strong. Best week of running in a long time. Aaron Metler wants me to sign up for the marathon so we can do workouts this summer. Maybe. I am getting to get this body moving again.

Solid week of running and very happy with how the team is looking already. Lots of positives. Just got to keep it going.

Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 17.60
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Total Distance

10.5 miles total this morning. 2 before practice, 6.5 with the boys on the ridge "Racing the Ridge", and 2 more miles after I got home over to Unity Park while the kids rode bikes there.

5 more miles in the heat this afternoon. Slight breeze helped but first day with ice cubes in the hat plus a water bottle. Tis the summer season.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 10.50Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

6.5 miles this morning with the boys on the "Little Ridge" loop. Couldn't do more because I was busy getting stuff ready for the youth camp.

6 more miles this afternoon. Norah is awesome and wanted to ride her bike alongside me. It was overcast and absolutely perfect weather and I wish I could have gone longer but had other engagements. Norah is quite the biker.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 6.50Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

10 total miles this morning. Ran with the girls today. Solid group again. The cloud cover was amazing. We were out on the Arizona Strip so I did a little bit of exploring after wards. Lots of trails out that way.

Ice in the hat and water bottle again for this afternoon's run. Super hot. I didn't eat enough for lunch and I didn't feel great. Ran up towards Snow Canyon State Park and back home. The wind helped a ton but still was toasty. 7:02/mile for 6 miles.

Hoka Clifton (Blue) Miles: 10.00Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

10.5 miles total this morning for our Adventure Run. Ran a little before practice and then ran with the boys. They are looking very strong right now. Just need to keep everyone healthy and it should be another exciting year. Very impressed with how the team is running in general. It was quite humid this morning and I was wringing sweat out of my shorts and shirt. I may have grossed out some on the team. Hopefully they come back :)

4.3 miles this afternoon running around Ivins while Norah biked alongside me. Went a touch later so it wasn't as hot. Norah is quite impressive on that bike in the heat. She always want to go farther but I have to calm her down. 7:30/mile.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 10.50Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 4.30
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Total Distance

The body was tired so I just did the run with the girls. A little warm but not too bad.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 5.50
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Total Distance

Ran with Steve and Dave this morning from the church by the high school and then went out to loop on the Southern Parkway. Nothing crazy fast but a good solid long run. Always fun to run with these guys. 

Solid way to end the week. Glad I was able to get in some quality runs with the team and then have some fun with the kids while they rode bikes alongside me. Keep chugging along.

Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 19.25
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Total Distance

7.5 total miles this morning running out in The Boneyard with the boys. Excellent work from them.

7 more hot miles this afternoon to the Bear Park. Katey and the kids went there first to play in the splash pad and I met up with them. Nice and toasty this afternoon.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 7.50Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 7.00
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Total Distance

8.5 miles total this morning. Ran with the girls to Little Valley and back. Nice to have the splash pads close by.

5 more hot miles in the afternoon. 7:11/mile. I love my water bottle.

Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 5.00Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 8.50
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Total Distance

9.2 total miles this morning. Did this run with the boys out by Warner Valley. We did a 1.5 mile mini tempo pickup to see how everyone is doing. Lots of positives. I hung back and ran with some of the younger boys. Really happy with how they are doing.

4 more miles this afternoon while Norah rode her bike. It was a little windy so that helped. She is a trooper. She continues to want to do this so I only encourage her. She motivates me.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 9.20Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance

9.65 total miles this morning. We went off of Navajo towards the Bloomington Caves. I am disappointed to know that I need a permit to squat with a headlamp. Not happy about this. Pretty good clip today.

5 more hot miles this afternoon. No watch. Temps were over 100 but the app said it felt like 94 degrees. That is what got me through this run.

Hoka Clifton (Blue) Miles: 9.65Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

8 total miles this morning. Ran with the girls out in Warner Valley. Found a cool dog skull by the bathroom near the fence.

Came home and ran while the kids biked over to Unity Park. Oliver loves to stop and smell all the roses.

Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 2.25Hoka Challenger Miles: 5.75
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Total Distance

We stayed with my Mom last night and I ended up doing the run by myself this morning. Looped from my parent's house out on the Southern Parkway again like last week. I accidentally slept in a bit and didn't get out the door until 7am. I was nervous but it was cooler temps again so I lucked out. I made it through and the magic elixir at Little Valley Park was icing on the cake towards the end of the run. 19.2 miles total at 7:00/mile. Started out slow and picked it up which helped drop the average.

Hopped in my parent's pool right after and stretched in there. It helped a ton. Also swam with the kiddos a little bit. They are so much fun right now.

Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 19.20
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Total Distance

9 total miles this morning. We had our first workout on Webb Hill today. 8x:30sec. up the hill. Only had Joe and Sage chuck this morning. Jaiden was close.

5.55 more miles this afternoon making sure Laynee was all squared away with her workout. Did another 6x:30sec. up Webb Hill. Hot and windy.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 14.55
Total Distance

10 total miles this morning. Ran out in the Boneyard with the boys. I landed on a rock and almost broke my ankle. I kept running even though it was still pretty tender. I hobbled around during kid's camp. I got some Ibuprofen and put some ice on and it felt a lot better.

No run this afternoon due to travel to a conference in Layton plus I wanted to be safe with the ankle.

Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

Ran from the hotel out towards Antelope Island. A little warmer than I was expecting being up north but it ended up being a decent run. 12 total miles with 7:00/mile.

Conference for the rest of the day then met up with my brother to eat at the Mandarin in Bountiful. I highly recommend it.

Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 12.00
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Total Distance

Ankle felt a lot better today. I find a nice bike trail that went north and south from the west side of I-15. I took this and it made for quite an enjoyable run. Lots of trees over hanging the trail and a slight breeze cooled the temps off. On the way back I had two ladies on a bike and they were trying to pass me. I did .5 mile pick ups with equal recovery all the way back to the hotel. I hit 5:20 - 5:30 pace on the pick ups. Nothing great but it did feel good having the body move fast again. 13 total miles. Good workout today.

Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 13.00
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Total Distance

Ran a touch before practice and then did the warm up and jogged around encouraging the team with their Fartlek run. Lots of positives to take away from today. I keep getting more excited to see what this year will bring. Should be fun.

No run this afternoon and just enjoyed a little aqua jogging while the kiddos swam in the pool.

Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 6.05
Total Distance

Met up with Dave and James at the DC and ran out towards Santa Clara, Ivins, back along Snow Canyon Parkway, and then back down Bluff. The pace was slow at first but it was good talking with the guys. We picked it up the last few miles and it felt really good. Happy to have lots of water at the end of this run. 19.5 total miles and just beat the 7:00 minute guy.

Decent work and lots of good running. The temps are starting to zap me more. Need to really push the fluids.

Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 19.50
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Total Distance

We up North with family all week. It should be a lot of fun. Plus, I will get some runs in a bunch of places I haven't ran in a while.

Started at my in-law's house in Logan and ran up towards Skyview High School and looped back around. Got back to my in-laws and went around the neighborhood for 1.5 more miles to get 15 total for the morning. 7:06/mile. Good start to the week. I cannot believe how hot it is up here. I was hoping to get out of the heat.

Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 15.00
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Total Distance

Went the opposite direction from my in-law's house this morning towards River Heights and Providence. I ran through every sprinkler I could find and that helped cool me off. I ran up Logan Canyon to sit in the Logan River and ice the legs off. It added an extra mile but was totally worth it. 7:07/mile.

Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 14.00
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Total Distance
Nike Pegasus 31 (Black) Miles: 100.15Hoka Clifton (Blue) Miles: 47.65Brooks Ghost 7 Miles: 90.20Nike Pegasus 32 (Black) Miles: 106.95Hoka Challenger Miles: 5.75
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